Eczema Natural Treatments

Eczema is a form of dermatitis. It is characterised by crusty, sore patches of skin that are red and weepy. These patches peel as they heal, and often reoccur. With reoccurence, this skin thickens and is therefore harder to treat.

What Causes Eczema?

allergies eg. to dairy products.


-poor diet

deficiencies in vitamins such as Vitamin A, and zinc.

Natural Treatments

There are any forms of treatment that can be tried.

-Aromatherapy can assist in reducing the symptoms, when applied twice per day. With a base of 25 ml of oil, add four drops of geranium, chamomile and juniper berry oil.

-Relaxation techniques can help to reduce stress.

-Lanolin may aggravate symptoms and so should be avoided, including creams containing lanolin.

-Seek help from a doctor or naturopath in identifying any food sensitivities or allergies.

-Soap should also be avoided, and deodorants containing metallic salts. These can also irritate sensitive skin.

-A bath of warm water, to which two cups of ground oatmeal have been added, can help to reduce the itching and redness of symptoms. Two tablespoons of bicarb of soda may also be used.

-Softened cabbage leaves applied to the affected areas soothe inflamed skin.

-Cold-pressed oils such as apricot or wheatgerm are effective and non-irritating.

-Avoid drying environments such as those caused by air conditioners.

-Cold water compresses are useful in reducing itching and inflammation.

Recently several small companies have also developed promising natural treatment creams and cleansers, which are available online. Western medicine, though,  may sometimes be necessary in the short term to control severe cases, with such medicines as hydrocortisone cream.

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