Essentials Of Pranayama

Practice Ujjayi pranayama 20 min ea day for 5 days & take notes on how you felt mentally/physically/emotionally  & summarize

Practicing the Ujjayi pranayama for a consecutive number of days in a row makes the practice become much easier as one goes along. I think doing it at the same time is beneficial in that the mind and body are creatures of habit and adapt rather quickly and it makes it easier to induce the relaxed state.

I sleep much better with regular practice of this pranayama, my body is more supple and relaxed through out the day and it takes a lot less effort to unwind. Focus and concentration are enhanced and a calmer disposition ensues. I am not affected by external distractions as easily and forming an external view of a situation rather than be consumed by it is much more common with this clearer and calmer state of being. I also noticed having a somewhat painful medical procedure on two occasions the difference my regular practice made. The first time when having been in the habit of regular yoga/meditation I simple practice my Uddjayi breathing and I felt I coped remarkably well however the second time I went for the same procedure I had not been in the regular habit and although I activated my Uddjayi breath once again it was not as effective and I really think it is due to the fact that I was out of practice!! Lesson learnt J!

 What effect do you think restricting the glottis has on the respiratory system & what impact does this have on the body/mind?

Restricting the glottis creates a lovely oceanic sound similar to the sound someone makes when they are sleeping. Being in a Yoga class filled with this sound or even just hearing it coming from within invokes a calm healing state, I think it subconsciously moves the body mind into a restorative state. The sound is also a constant reminder to stay focused and balanced in the moment and not be distracted or loose the flow. The physical action effects the respiratory system by airating the lungs and reducing phlegm. Breathing through the nose stimulates the nadis Ida and Pingala, energizing and soothing the nervous system thereby encouraging a parasympathetic state. The restriction of the glottis also slows the amount of air that can pass through the respiratory tract helping to relax and also build heat. Thus assisting in energizing and cultivating tapas which can help transform and encourage release.

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